About the Touchstone Program

Our care matters.  Each day, Kindred employees care for over 100,000 patients and their families, providing high quality and innovative healthcare, hospice, community care and related services. The Kindred at Home Touchstone Program has been established as a way to recognize and reward our dedicated teammates who go above and beyond each day to provide superior care to our patients and realize significant achievements at work.

What is a Touchstone? A Touchstone is a measure of the quality of an object or a symbol that displays great value. At Kindred at Home, our Touchstone is a coin. The Touchstone Coin is our symbol of great value that is awarded to employees that display superior work ethic, commitment, care and compassion.

The Touchstone Program has four levels of achievement which are awarded in sequence.

  • Copper Level One (Does not require a nomination form)
  • Silver Level Two
  • Gold Level Three
  • Platinum Level Four

Each quarter, the Touchstone Program will recognize recipients from each region. Copper winners will receive a Touchstone coin.  Silver, Gold, and Platinum winners will receive a Touchstone Coin and certificate of achievement.  In addition, clinical winners of the silver, gold, or platinum level will also receive $100.

In order to be eligible for the Touchstone Program award, an employee must work full-time (30 or more hours per week), and be employed and in good standing with the company for a minimum of 6 months. Clinical award recipients must also spend most of their time (51% or more) providing direct patient care.

Criteria Significant Achievement

The Touchstone is awarded to employees who have achieved significant achievements in their particular role. Examples of significant achievement criteria for administrative or sales positions may include:

  • Providing consistent and documented superior customer service
  • Significant growth in an account/branch/area
  • Consecutive years of beating budgeted targets
  • Consistently producing results that exceed job requirements/expectations or applicable performance metrics.

Examples of significant achievement criteria for clinical positions may include:

  • CMS star quality rating status improvement at or better than 4 stars
  • Positive patient feedback on surveys or unsolicited sources
  • Acts as role model

Requesting Additional Copper Coins

To Request Copper coins please e-mail KAHTouchstone@kindred.com.

Make Your Nomination Stand Out!

Visit the nomination page to read helpful tips for writing a successful nomination for the Silver, Gold or Platinum Touchstone.

More Information

Touchstone nominations should be submitted by the end of the second month of the quarter so the nominations can be reviewed approved. Nominations can be sent to KAHTouchstone@kindred.com. You can ask questions regarding the program by calling